Why Social Leaders are Key to Stay in Business

5 Reasons Why You Need a Social Leadership Team in the 21st Century

Have you ever felt that outward engagement does not necessarily come natural to individuals, teams and organizations? It’s almost like people are resisting it while being concerned about their own comfort zones and privacy? Or even leaders do not embrace social as an opportunity to increase integration and engagement but instead hesitate and do not make it a priority?

You’re not alone in this, most organizations or communities are facing this challenge while they become increasingly aware that social engagement is the key to survive the 21th century as it naturally leads to essential insights, ideas, trust, motivation and talent!

How to get more Likes, Followers and Retweets by Sharing Pictures

What is a Quick and Easy Way to Grow Your Followers and Engagement initially?

Almost everyone has some form of reason why they join the social world initially. Maybe it’s promoting their blog, networking for work or simply staying informed and involved with trends and friends. This is how I got started and you can share your reasons at the end of the post.

Like most non-celebrities I didn’t get much engagement out of social media initially, but it was enough to keep me motivated to learn more about it. Fast forward to today I get vivid engagement, while my reach has grown to 30k followers in a year. Today whenever I speak on the topic of social, a question I often get in the Q&A is this:

What is an easy and quick way to grow my followers and engagement initially?