Don`t miss the FIFA World Cup 2014 on Twitter

Enjoy your Favorite Events on Social Media with this Guide

Spring has finally rolled over to Summer and the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil is that time again where all come together to celebrate the most widely viewed and followed sporting event in the world, well ahead of the Olympics. The fact that sport has the power to bring almost the entire world together was shown in 2006 when more than 30 billion viewers in 214 countries watched the World Cup on television while more than 3 Mio attended inside the stadiums.

Just take a few seconds to imagine for each fan in the stadium about 10`000 people in front of a screen, where many of them may want to express their emotions, support their team or exchange opinions on goals, referee decisions and what happens in the match over channels like social media and participating has become easier than ever with this guide.

So when the World Cup started, I was really excited about it and the idea of engaging on social networks about this global momentum truly resonated with me as a writer, social networker and photographer that believes in a more open world of shared emotions. Despite some critics I also really like that the the popularity of football is used by the FIFA organization and leaders around the world to spread important values and messages of peace and equality.

After only one week, engagement on social media has already become the best part of my evening World Cup routine and helped me to grow my worldwide network while enjoying the most collective World Cup experience ever, especially on Twitter, where I was so far impressed most by social fans from Korea, Japan, USA, Switzerland, Argentina, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Chile, France and Brazil!

So far I learnt that it is important to familiarize yourself before the matches with the commonly used Twitter hashtags and to follow important accounts like the official FIFA Twitter World Cup, your favorite teams, players and other social people who tweet or engage under trending hashtags.

So even if you did not go social, the World Cup could be a good time to get started and to help you here`s my 4 minutes YouTube video guide about how to go social in easy steps with 600 views.

To get us both back faster to the matches here are all the steps and links that are required to go social, which I took from my first blog post about Social Tips to Grow Followers, Klout score and Real Influence where I explained that social is about participating, engaging and expanding:

  1. Start now with joining your favorite event on social media like on Twitter and Facebook
  2. Update all your social profiles to a high standard, including a picture and a bio
  3. Read and participate under the main hashtags and tweet your opinion under it
  4. Follow the official accounts, players, teams, friends and other social people
  5. Reward yourself with mobility and extra social time through mobile devices
  6. Give first, don`t expect too much initially and be generous with positive engagement
  7. Share with public visibility if engagement is more important to you than privacy

If you enjoyed this guide and video, you can pass it on to your followers over the integrated share buttons and if you visit for the first time, you are welcome to connect with me across the social networks. I also suggest you read and share my other blog posts like my second post on How to get more Likes, Followers and Retweets by sharing Pictures or my third post on How a Blog grows your Social Influence, Reach and Engagement. In addition I wanted to thank strongly you for passing by on my personal blog.



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