How a Blog Grows your Social Influence, Reach and Engagement

My Top 7 Reasons On Why to Create Your Own Personal Blog

I started engaging socially a little over 18 month ago. It has become a regular part of my daily routine before and after work. It has helped me to grow my personal and professional network, to learn from others and to discover my creative side through new hobbies like photography.

About 1 month ago the idea of creating a personal blog truly resonated with me as a writer that wanted customization beyond 140 characters in order to provide more value to the digital community. In addition since launching my blog 20 days ago, I discovered so many additional benefits of blogging, so I had to share my top 7 reasons why to create your own personal blog.

  •  SEO or Search Engine Optimization rocks! Influence, reach and engagement is all about being heard in a noisy world and non celebrities best bet is to share great content that can be found not only over social networks but also over search engines. In addition my search engine ranking give me feedback about how much value I bring to my blog visitors.
  • Social Share Button create BUZZ! If you like this post you can share it instantly. This is initially probably the most powerful aspect of a blog, especially if you already built your social reach. I know it sounds like hyperbole, but I experienced vivid traffic, page views and engagement on my blog from day one, which echoed back into the social networks, thanks to the support and encouragement from each amazing visitors for which I am grateful.
  • Lots of Learning from Page Analytics! To improve your blog and social in terms of engagement, reach and influence, the free version of Google Analytics will provide you an overwhelming amount of real-time, historic and demographic analytics, including graphical trends like from where I get most visitors or direct feedback from search engines.
  • Authenticity equals Fun! One of the biggest benefits of a personal blog, is the freedom to be in control of every aspect of your authentic voice, including the blogs design and customization, which allows you to stay true to who you are and what you care about most. This matters in so many ways, as it increases your credibility and offers a more unique, flexible and personal experience to the author and the visitor.
  • 24/7 Outreaching Availability! A blog similar to a website is out there close to 99.9% of time and not just seconds at the top of a timeline, so readers can visit and read content when they need it most. Once I publish a blog posts, visitors can share, engage or subscribe without me doing anything, except being grateful and learn how to make it better next time.
  • Connection Options even for Busy or Casual Visitors! Embedded social follow and like buttons allow visitors to connect with you fast in their preferred way, while I see each human follower as an equal and followback fast. In addition since it’s possible to subscribe and unsubscribe anytime to my blog post updates, it’s very easy to stay informed without the need to visit every week.
  • A Digital Home and a Center of my Social Presence! A personal blog feels like I finally have my own home in the world wide web, where I am truly free similar to an authentic center of my social presence. If people share my posts, the blog feels like a small sun in the middle of my social universe!

Thanks for stopping by. At this point I am very curious if any part of this post resonates with you or even inspires you to comit? You can comment below with DISQUS, the leading blog commeting system, which is also used on Mashable!  I am truly honored to have received you as a visitor and if you read so far,  you may want to subscribe over the advanced subscription feature I implemented in the widget on the right side, so you will be notified upfront of my next blog post or additionally connect with me across all social networks.


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