How Social SEO Creates Viral Blogs

3 Essential Steps to Get More Visitors on your Blog

Recently after discussing my blog’s traffic with a colleague I was asked a great coaching question: “What’s your personal 2014 blogging goal?” and it did not take me long to commit to take action in 2014 to finally unlock the full potential of SEO for my blog.

The challenge is that currently my social reach of 50k followers creates most of the traffic for my blog posts and attracts more than 80% of my visitors. Here’s how I am going to improve my blog’s return from SEO.

  1. Number one, most leading bloggers agree that SEO only works if you blog once or twice a week, not just once a quarter, so I just changed my posting schedule to at least twice a week, while I just updated my agenda and my screensavers to “I should be writing”
  2. The topic of blogging more frequently leads me to the second step that I believe is required to create a viral blog and that is on every post to integrate your social reach over social share buttons with a good title and colorful thumbnails, that promote incremental outreach.
  3. Another step any serious blogger should consider and the last step I want to write about in this post is to integrate highly visible follow buttons on your blog, that again convert SEO traffic into social reach, which already increased my overall followers by 10% in 2013.

So if you do those few things which are to blog twice a week with great titles and colorful thumbnails while integrating SEO with social reach over integrated share and follow buttons, you will be successful in getting from incremental to expontential growth and once the media and other social leaders notice and talk about your blog, it is likely to go viral at some point, of course only as long as you continue to share authentic content that is relevant for current or new audiences.

There seems to be more than 200 mio blogs across the web but only a few successful ones post reguarly in a social SEO way, so if you enjoyed this blog post, if you found it helpful, feel free to leave a comment or use the share buttons to pass it on to your followers. Thank you for passing by.

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