How to become a Social Leader in your Industry

Why it`s still Possible to get ahead of Competition and Lead Social in your Industry

About once a week I get asked by someone who wants to know how to turn an organisation into a social leader in their industry. Maybe marketing and sales channels did not meet the expectations or they are looking for ways to improve products, client centricity and engagement to grow further, faster. Regardless, they are not quite sure how to lead well in this kind of situation.

After months of research and learning from other really social people, I concluded that one of the first major steps in becoming a social leader in your industry is to hire a really authentic social leader into a key role of the organisation like directly under the c-level. Here’s why this is likely to outperform approaches driven by the traditional leadership team, less socially eminent people or lots of tool and marketing investments to sponsor, measure or manage the external social presence.

How just one really social leader and evangelist can make all the difference

  • You gain social and sales expertise that influence an authentic and sustainable culture
  • Only really social leaders can coach and influence talents, initiatives and recruiting
  • A social leader is key to inspire and guide your next social generation into leaders
  • Social is mostly about people and how to use mostly free naitive social applications
  • Savings, as you only need internal social tools like from IBM Collaboration Solutions

 Why it`s possible to get ahead of competition and lead social in your industry

  • Traditional leadership is likely to lack the time or personal expertise to lead social
  • Authentic and focussed social expertise is rarerly available to executives or c-level
  • Most industries are only about to start now to discover the importance of social

Where to find the best possible authentic social leader for you organisation

  • Try to go for people like me who live social, not just those who do it for a living
  • The only place to find and validate candidates is on social networks and blogs
  • A perfect candidate feels fully connected to your brand, industry and location

There seems to be no end to the wealth of material written on the importance of becoming a social business. However, very little has been written on the subject of why this has to include really social leaders as part of the leadership team, so if you enjoyed this blog post, if you found it helpful, feel free to leave a comment, share it with your followers or reach out directly to me, so we can explore this topic further. In addition I wanted to thank you personally for passing by on my personal blog. If you visit for the first time, you are welcome to connect across the social networks over my Xeeme page and to subscribe to my blog over the widget on the right side. I also suggest you read and share my other 5 blog posts, which you can access directly below this blog post.

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