How to Enable the Mobile and Social Enterprise

Focus Areas in Mobile and Social to Outperform Peers and Markets

Most organizations, communities and individuals are likely to struggle with this or get simply overwhelmed by the massive amount of transformational forces at work. They know they should become more social, agile or mobile, but they are not sure how to get the best out of it.

Why is that? In my view there are 4 key reasons for this that may not always get sufficient focus.

  • No  24/7 empowered tablets that include data broadband allowance and the most important business applications, which means most people will never enjoy mobile and social and mostly claim to have not enough time for it. I covered this point in my last Youtube video.
  • No authentic social and mobile natives in the community or in the organization’s leadership team and HR department while the hiring and career process is led formally which may fail to recognize and attract the required talents which I discussed in this blog post.
  • Education and thought leadership on mobile, social and cloud is not provided by authentic digital natives and evangelists but led formally by traditional departments or leaders that may not life digitally which is therefore unlikely to outperform peers and markets in it.
  • Lack of technology capabilities which has to include a Platform as a Service (PaaS) like for example Bluemix and a mobile development platform like IBM`s Mobile First Platform. To collect, improve and deploy ideas faster DevOps and Cloud solutions as explained here on Youtube and an internal collaboration platform like IBM Connections provide essential collaboration capabilities within the organization. In addition bring your own device (BYOD) and tablets require an integrated Security solution like IBM Q-Radar and proper endpoint management like from Fiberlink.

If you follow these 4 things which are to put in charge authentic mobile and social evangelists in people and thought leadership while supporting your enterprise or community to work on mobile devices and tablets while providing them great apps and the described essential technology capabilities, you are in a good position to be among the mobile and social leaders of the 21st century! Lastly if you didn’t go social yet, it is advisable that you make first steps as I outlined on YouTube which will help you to make authentic decisions in terms of your social and mobile strategy.

There seems to be no end to the wealth of material written on the importance of becoming a social and mobile business. However, very little has been written on the subject of why this has to include really social and mobile people and certain capabilities, so if you enjoyed this blog post, if you found it helpful, you can follow and connect with me on LinkedIn or browse this blog where I got more of this kind of stuff. Also if you enjoyed this blog post, you could share it and subscribe to my blog over the widget on the left, so you don`t miss any future blog posts where I will be also writing about cloud computing.


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