Why Switzerland Attracts Talent, Employers, Tourists and Families

Here are my Top Ten Reasons to Consider Switzerland as a Tourist, Employee or Investor

Over the last 3 years, I got asked many times, ” Why did you move back to Switzerland and is it a good place to work?” It’s a question I get at least once a week, so I simply had to share my answer and gratitude in a blog post which hopefully inspires readers to share it, visit us or to expand business into Switzerland, as a gateway to Europe!

Here are my top ten reasons to consider Switzerland as a tourist, employee or investor. These might also come in handy in promoting Switzerland to corporations and families that intend to visit or relocate.

  1. Made in Switzerland is all about quality and innovation! More on Swissness
  2. It’s the best place to attract and retain top talent! Must read CNN article
  3. Employer friendly legal and banking system! More about our banks on Swissbanking
  4. Switzerland is reducing further their low level of debt! Great read on Fiscal Sustainability
  5. Reasonable taxes for employees, investors and companies! A Bloomberg article
  6. Family friendly education, social security and healthcare! More on SwissWorld
  7. Multilingual with diverse cultural and natural heritage! Visit MySwitzerland
  8. Interconnected position in the center of Europe with 3 large airports
  9. State of the art public transport! Timetables are on the SBB website
  10. Life quality, stability and low levels of crime! Read the OECD Better Life Index

I hope this post includes some unique information about Switzerland and for companies that relocate to Switzerland, feel free to reach out to me on your technology needs, so I can help you in my role as Sales Leader at IBM. I also hope you like the picture I made recently in Lucerne while I am curious which part of this post resonates most with you and inspires you to learn more about Switzerland or if there is anything I forgot to add ? You can comment below with DISQUS, a leading blog commenting system, which is also used by CNN and Bloomberg!

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    • Thanks for leaving such an inspiring comment @skipprichard:disqus coming from you with your experience both in blogging and leadership this means a lot. Feel free to reach out to me for a welcome and tips, when you visit Switzerland. Glad to see that my posts add value, while Michael just inspired me to put together first videos, which I will share over the next weeks. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  1. Okay, now I want to move to Switzerland! :) Thanks Daniel. This is really wonderful. I really enjoyed your website very much. (Jaie Hart)